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The Quarterly is a magazine produced by undergraduate students at Sciences Po. Mostly using economic analysis, we aim to deliver well-researched, in-depth articles on diplomatic and political affairs as well as public policy. We also summarize new economic literature, as much as we provide the community with statistical insight into everything Sciences Po.

Our presence is both physical and digital. Last year, we sold hundreds of copies on the Reims campus, and online we have readers from across all campuses of Sciences Po. Now, we are looking for motivated students willing to push us further. If you made it here, you might just be one of them: register your interest for The Quarterly!

The application process

  • Part 1 (between August 22nd and September 21st): the application form. We will ask about your unique perspective on the news, and depending on the position(s) you select, you might be required to submit a short article/send a portfolio/share your experience. You will also be required to upload your CV/Resume.
  • Part 2 (between September 25th and September 28th): the interview (provided that you are selected).
  • Final results will be released by October 2nd.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for many talented people with various skill sets. When applying for The Quarterly, we will ask you to select up to two poles. A pole is made up of different positions you can apply for. You can select one or multiple, but keep in mind that you should not apply for more positions than you can handle. You can find below our four different poles, and short descriptions of every position. If you already have an idea of the role(s) you would like to take on, you can apply directly by clicking here!

Communication & Marketing Pole

This pole is the reason you heard about us. From our visuals to our banners, communication deals with everything promoting our content, whether it be on campus or on social media. Advertising and opinion research come along with the marketing side: this is what makes our business run!

Motion Designer

We are looking for people who can create highly engaging animations, for a diverse array of platforms. In short, we’ll ask you to bring life to our designs. You don’t need to master everything, but you have to be willing to learn.


We’ve all taken amateur videos once in our life: that is not what we are looking for. You will need the equipment, the attention to detail, and most importantly the will to shoot and edit amazing videos.

Graphic Designer

Your role will be to take on shaping The Quarterly’s visuals: from our logo and designs to most of what we post on social media. If you like to inspire and you have that creative flair, we would love to hear from you.


Taking pictures is as much an art as a profession. It involves capturing a story, before showing it to the world. Whether you are reporting on the ground or taking shots of our conferences, our editions or our team, that’s exactly what we’ll expect from you.

Social Media Manager

This position is essential to our future development. Managing The Quarterly’s social media will imply designing strategies to grow our online presence, to reach an expanding audience as well as to create deeper links with followers and fans.

Writing, Production & Publishing Pole

This is the core of The Quarterly. Articles, illustrations, graphs, figures, website building and magazine layout: all of our journalistic content is produced within this pole, which is our largest one by far! If you want to know more about what we do here, check out this website and reach out! We would be delighted to send you a pdf version of our latest edition!


Our well-researched articles, and their writers, are the foundation of this magazine. Being a writer entails having a huge amount of curiosity, as well as a strong desire to challenge ideas, stimulate debates, and learn as much as write about the world.


People generally underscore the importance of an illustrator/cartoonist. Your role is crucial: summarizing complex issues in an easily understandable form, by allying a good sense of humor with capable drawing skills.

Magazine Production Designer

At The Quarterly, we pride ourselves with the professional appearance of our editions. We achieve these results by relying on InDesign expertise and on tens of hours of meticulous work, in order to put together each single print edition.

Data Analyst

Disinformation is everywhere: in political speeches, on social media, and even in the news. Facts are the basis of journalism: that’s why we will ask you to collect data, to interpret patterns and trends, and most importantly to render this information through graphs and charts.

Web Developer &/or Web Designer

The Quarterly is growing, and so is our web traffic. Do you have ideas to improve the overall design of our website? To increase its visibility? To foster user responsiveness? If so, we definitely want you on our team.

Administration & Finance Pole

From maintaining our association status to chasing sponsors, this pole is where we keep our business on track and our internal affairs in order. Getting money is one of the hardest things in the world: if you are up to the task, this is the perfect place for you.
The A&P Pole does not only deal with administrations and partners, though. We also see through the organisation of events by booking the trains of our guest speakers, we take care of ordering The Quarterly goodies and we make sure to get the best deals for the printing of our paper editions.


Are you resourceful and interested in logistics? That last descriptive part was meant for you. You will get to work from behind the scenes, and make sure that our sales and events run as smoothly as possible.

Association Status & Relations with Public Partners

Dealing with the French administration, from Sciences Po to local and regional institutions, requires patience, diplomacy, resolve, and perseverance. We will teach you the basics, but the will has to come from you.

Donations, Sponsors & Financial Partnerships

This position asks for determination, dedication, and persuasion. If you have great ambition and you wish to take on a tough challenge, this is your chance.

Events & Outreach Pole

Do like reaching out? To peers, to professionals, to professors, to celebrities? Is taking calls and writing emails your thing? If so, this pole is made for you. At the E&O Pole, we try our best to convince important people to grant us some time. Succeeding in doing that, as seldom as it happens, is one of our most preciously kept secrets at The Quarterly.
What about events? With the support of our partner Invest in Reims, you will get to organize professional cocktails, and through the use of the Sciences Po network, our Zoom conferences will become the norm!

Academic Partnerships

The Quarterly is Sciences Po’s undergraduate economics magazine, and other universities feature comparable papers. We’ll expect you to find us the best ones to partner with, on the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Brand Awareness

You can reach out to organize an event, or the reaching out can be an end in itself. Journalists, politicians: you’ll have to share the existence of The Quarterly with the whole world.

Conferences & Other Events

Conferences, discussions, cocktails, and the rest is up to you. You’ll have to be creative, both in the way you reach out as in the events you come up with, to succeed in this position.

Your ideal role is lacking from our list? Do you feel it’s a mistake? Pitch us your perfect position at thequarterlyeconomicsreview@gmail.com!

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