Preorder Our New Issue

Last semester, we sold all 70 of our copies of the first edition in a mere two days, leaving some students that hoped to get one disappointed. Therefore, this year, we introduce the option of preordering – without any need for immediate payment and without any extra fee! If you already know that you want to get ahold of our new issue, “Fighting Back”, which is being released Monday next week, you can preorder one right now via the link below.

Our new issue features 12 peer-edited long reads, the first six of which cover everything from the ongoing trade war to what data tells us about whether SciencesPo changes students’ political stances, and the latter half of which focuses on gender inequality. And it doesn’t stop there. In this issue, we have packed nearly double the content of our previous issue into a new, much more aesthetic magazine — all that for only 3 euros. Reserve now and we’ll make sure it gets to you on Monday the 21st of October!



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