Data Shows French Examination Procedure Much More Selective than International Procedure

Three Worlds of Selectivity

Sciences Po reports an overall admissions rate of 18% in 2019 for the undergraduate programme. But the road to Sciences Po is not equal in terms of selectivity. Every year, the Sciences Po Admissions Report provides a review of Sciences Po’s applicants and admitted students. We deconstructed 10 years of reports to provide insight into different admission rates of the three ways of entering Sciences Po: The French Examination Procedure, The International Procedure, and the Equal Opportunity Programme.

Our findings show a large difference in acceptance rates between the French Exam Procedure and the International Procedure. This difference is mainly due to the fact that while an equal number of applicants are accepted through the two procedures, much fewer international students apply. In 2019, 3343 students applied through the International Procedure and 6923 students applied through the French Examination Procedure. At the same time, 906 International Procedure applicants were selected while 889 French Examination Procedure applicants were admitted to the school.

Different Entrance Procedures
The French Examination Procedure is mainly for candidates who are sitting the general or technological baccalauréat in the French education system in France. Candidates sitting the French baccalauréat abroad or who are studying for a school-leavers’ qualification recognised as equivalent may also apply through this procedure.  

The international procedure is exclusively for candidates who are sitting the French baccalauréat abroad or studying for an equivalent foreign school-leavers’ qualification. This includes Dual-Degree students.

The Equal Opportunity programme offers a selective admissions path for students from priority education secondary schools who may otherwise have missed out on higher education.

*For years 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 an exact number of accepted applicants through the Equal Opportunity programme could not be found and so an average based on 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 was used.

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