A History of Campaign Week Promises: Survey

Over the years, us SciencesPo students have been promised many things: most recently, an app that would allow us to consult our schedules on our phones; before that, a career services department dedicated to helping guide us in our professional pursuits. Unfortunately, many of these promises often fall short and are soon forgotten by those who made them, but with no means by which we can hold SciencesPo accountable, it is nearly impossible for us to affect any real change therein.

Every April, we on the Reims campus are made promises as well, by each list gunning zealously for our precious votes. Through this survey, we want to introduce the first real measure of accountability to SciencesPo, presenting you with every promise that every winning list made and asking you whether or not you felt they succeeded in achieving that goal or coming true on that promise. We will synthesize the results into an article for all to see after we receive a number of responses we feel can be representative of the entire campus. You can access the survey by clicking below.

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